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The Process

The Production Process

  1. Booking

    Client Engagement. Remember a creative is only as good as the brief. Please provide as much detail and references as possible.

  2. Development

    Budgeting, Conceptualization, Research, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding

  3. Pre Production

    Scheduling, Casting, Crew Hire, Scouting and Organising Equipment

  4. Production

    Filming, Directing, Sound Recording, Lighting, Interviews

  5. Post Production

    Assembly, Editing, Sound Design, Colourgrading, Text, VFX, Animation

  6. Delivery

    Rendering, Reviewing, Version Formatting, Uploading, Distribution, Marketing

The Law of Production

"Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick Two."

The “Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick Two” law is a principle often applied to film production, which states that it is impossible to have a project that is good, fast, and cheap all at the same time. One must choose two of the three. This is because film production is a complex process that involves many different elements, each of which requires time, money, and expertise.

  1. Good

    When it comes to film production, "Good" can refer to the quality of the final product. A good film is one that resonates with audiences and is well-received by clients To achieve this level of quality, filmmakers often need to invest a significant amount of time and money into the project.

  2. Fast

    "Fast" refers to the speed at which a film is produced. This is often an important consideration for filmmakers, as they want to get their work in front of audiences as soon as possible. However, speed can come at the expense of quality. In order to produce a film quickly, filmmakers may have to cut corners or compromise on certain aspects of the production.

  3. Cheap

    "Cheap" refers to the cost of producing a film. This is a crucial consideration for filmmakers, as they need to make sure that their projects are financially viable. However, producing a film on a tight budget can also mean sacrificing quality and speed.

The “good, fast, cheap. pick two” law highlights the trade-offs that filmmakers must make when it comes to film production. If a filmmaker wants a high-quality film that is produced quickly, they will likely have to spend more money. If they want a cheap film that is produced quickly, they will likely have to compromise on quality. Ultimately, filmmakers must make difficult choices about how to balance these competing priorities in order to create a successful film.

Terms and Conditions

Barefoot Media Co. are experienced film professionals having worked in the trenches for over a decade. We’ve discovered a few guidelines that help for smooth-sailing through what is a complicated process.

  1. Booking

    Generally speaking we accept 50% deposit to book the dates and 50% on delivery. Depending on job complexity we may need lead-in time to plan the shoots, book crew, hire equipment etc. Please check the availability of dates and allow lead-in time to align all the moving parts.

  2. Change In Scope

    Clients often require additional items or services beyond the initial scope of the project, such as logo animation,. subtitles, additional renders etc. This is quite normal, particularly if it's your first time contracting film services. If there is the physical time available to complete the additional tasks, Change In Scopes will be added to the final invoice at the Editing/Animation Day Rate.

  3. Reviews

    All projects come with a single review period of seven days. It is critical, especially in office hierarchical structures that all feedback and changes are gathered before returning feedback to the BMC team. Run-on reviews even for small changes are time-consuming to the rendering and delivery process. Additional changes, version iterations are welcome but all additional reviews will be billed at $85/ph.

  4. Raw Footage

    Please note that the raw footage always belongs to the author. Considerable time and expertise is required to craft the raw footage into the final product and it is imperative that the final product reflects Barefoot Media's high standards. We often shoot in Cinema codecs for maximum resolution and dynamic range which are not accessible for general public. For quality control and for the privacy of interview subjects we cannot release raw footage save for exceptional circumstances.

  5. Invoices

    Cashflow is as important to film production companies as any other business. Suppliers of equipment and crew are often require upfront payment in the Pre Production phase and in order to keep fulfilling jobs for clients we require all invoices to be delivered on time. For this reason we take an absolutely zero tolerance on overdue invoices. All invoices will attract a 5% fee on the day after the invoice due and a compounding 5% for each calendar month beyond.

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