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Podcasts We Produce.

Barefoot Media Co. is a big believer in time off from screens. One of the best ways to take a break and still remain entertained and informed is podcasts. We utilise filmmaking skills to produce and audio engineer podcasts in conversational or documentary form on a variety of topics.

If you would like to host a podcast we can train you up, create the cover, music beds, sound effects and even cloud host and distribute your show.

Stories Within StoriesThe Barefoot Media Podcast

Simon Holland interviews the characters behind the stories in a free-flowing conversation.

Conversations at Government House

The Hon. Kim Beazley AC interviews a series of WA leaders in a frank and thoughtful conversation.

Conversations with Nurses

Life is never dull on the frontlines of medicine. Paula Hollands hosts a variety of nurses in a show that covers the happy, the sad, the joy, the heartache and the downright disgusting parts of Nursing Life.

The Univi Academic Podcast

Simon Holland goes straight to the source of the best academic research on the planet in this eye-opening series.

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