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Barefoot Media Co. specializes in cinematic and documentary style films in both corporate and narrative worlds and have shot projects all around the world. We take a gentle approach to filmmaking and focus on character, story and narrative.

Barefoot Media Reel 17/18

Stories Within Stories

  1. Br. Brian Cleary, The Last Brother
  2. Dave Trevawn, Jobida Sessions
  3. Shea Walsh, Director, Shalom
  4. Andrew Butler, Kilimanjaro
  5. Adam Thorn, The Last King of India
  6. Jakob Wells, Nature’s Finest Ingredients
  7. Tom Wisdom, Plantagenet Wines
  8. Gary Downes, Reinventing the Archdiocese
  9.  Adam and Troy Desmond, Binar
  10. Ben O’Hayon, Animals Aboard
  11. Brett Hamilton, Royal Flying Doctors

Current Projects

Follow the Footsteps-

We occasionally make audio posts, stories and podcasts on our adventures around the globe, with some of the fabulous people we meet. Follow us here to find easy to digest audio content of these wonderful stories to accompany you on your daily life.


Welcome to the new Barefoot Media website

Welcome to the new Barefoot Media website. We've achieved a lot over the last few years having shot on five out of the...

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